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Still hasn't quite set in it. By which I mean basically the only thought running through my head right now is, 'wahooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.' Perhaps when I wake up tomorrow it'll be different, and I can think, 'Why yes, Barack Obama will.officially.be.my.president.in.TWO.MONTHS.TIME.' but without the periods and caps. President-elect Obama.




Just got back from Jo Jo Taipei (Allston). Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Went with my friend and her mom, who treated us. They're Taiwanese, and my friend had heard that this restaurant was really authentic. I've had some Taiwanese cuisine before, but my friend's mom insisted on order a bunch of thing she insisted I should try. Let's see if I can recall them all...

Oyster pancake; yum.

Fish sticks; tasted like the fish balls you put in hot pot. Came with sweet pickles, which I love, and a sweet dipping sauce.

Beef noodle stew (I really need to learn the Chinese names for these): really good. Big hunks of fatty beef that were practically falling apart they were so tender, thick udon-like noodles, bok choi (or something like it), and cilantro (which is not my favorite, certainly, but it wasn't overpowering).

Pig intestine soup; better than I expected. The pig intestine was quite chewy and squishy - not my favorite, either, but stomach-able. And the soup itself was really thick with thin noodles, which I liked.

Sweet and sour soup: was just a little bit spicy also. Was nice; had egg and tree ears (I think) in it.

Battered, fried pork on top of rice; with pickles and some green veggies on the side. Really, really good. (And the ladies in the bakery across the street opine that this is the best dish.)

Tra Bing; shaved ice with three different kinds of beans (red, green, white) and taro on top. SO good. Well, then again, I LOVE beans, especially red beans. But there you go.

I think that's it. Definitely like to go there again.

Edit: And the stinky tofu...! Can't forget that! It really is quite stinky, but yummy with the salty, spicy dipping sauce. :D
I'm a bit afraid we're going to have flooding, tbh. o.O

I know that we've been needing some rain; especially it'll be good for our little patch of back lawn, where the grass has all been dying. But still. It's been pouring for some time now.

And there was some really impressive thunder earlier. I love thunder. And lightning. But it's harder to see lightning than hear thunder, often. I remember one summer night there was this thunder and lightning storm (no rain) and we went down to the beach and watched it blow off to the east by the light of the full moon. The Earth is amazing. I love it. :D

And, I suppose, if it's nature's day for washing, I should probably go do some laundry, too.

Had a sandwich of toasted sourdough with smoked gouda and smoked salmon for lunch, and it kept tasting vaguely reminiscent of toasted marshmallows...


creme brulee, after a fashion

So I succeeded in making the creme brulee, sort of. I made the sweet tea creme brulee out of my Creme Brulee cookbook. Halved the recipe because it was only my parents and I who'd be eating it (also, didn't have enough heavy cream for the full recipe). For the tea, I used some loose leaf I found in the cupboard (from Fauchon's, when we went to Paris last year). You infuse the cream with the tea before making the custard.

Sticking point was the blowtorch, which I don't have. Also, after dinner, I was too lazy to make separate caramel toppings for each dish. Thus, no brulee. However, I did sprinkle confectioner's sugar on top, and put some blackberries on. I think, next time, however, I will make the caramel toppings, because it would have made a nice contrast to the slight bitterness of the tea.

creme, but not brulee

creme, but not brulee 2

Verdict: yummy. Would make again. :)


Cream of the...

Bah. FINALLY not sick anymore (though of course I got my period yesterday morning). I've still got a bit of a cough but I'm not as congested and I have a bit more energy. Also, the weather is no longer scorching, which is nice. Time to be getting some work done, then, I suppose.

And also maybe some cooking (not that there's much food in the house).

Haha. I'm going to make creme brulee.


Why NASA...

...and Generation Y aren't connecting. And why they should. Check it out:

NASA-Gen Y Slideshow

I was sent the link by a friend...Definitely going to go back and read the article when I have a chance (and the attention span...seriously, Gen Y is the attention-lacking generation).


3 Hours, 20 Minutes Remaining

That would be how much time I have to write the draft of my paper before my computer battery goes kaput.

I decided against bringing my charger as I thought maybe the deadline would drive me to work a bit faster. Obviously, I'm off to a great start.

EDIT: With 1 Hour, 16 Mins Remaining

IE nearly ate my computer. It was probably my fault, but it was seriously scary there for a second, what with the IE windows bubbling up exponentially all over the place. Finally managed to end the process. Phew.


Oh, HAH.


(I'm so glad I remembered, because I'd been trying all evening to think of what'd made me laugh so hard this afternoon.)

Yes. Yes, it is.Collapse )

I love it when rl and DW collide. :)


Fic: 24 hours' time

Title: 24 hours' time
Author: nyaaaaaauuuuuuu
Genre: Angst
Rating: PG
Characters: Ten, Rose
Spoilers: Through the end of S2.
Summary:The Doctor and the storm. Time's running out.
Author's Notes: This morning was nice, but it started to snow later. Blah weather. So I felt like having a bit of a cry and watched Doomsday over. And I have a bunch of other fics I'm working on, but I needed to exorcise the angst. So this is for my fellow Rhode-Islanders. Hope the weather didn't make you as depressed as it made me. :\
Disclaimer: Do not own...

I made my choice...Collapse )